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Kai-Peter Berndt





The powersports industry is and has been my passion throughout my professional life.

Working part time as a teenager at a world-reknown custom bike shop, I had been infected with the internal combustion engine virus early on.

My real professional life started out as a factory certified Mercedes-Benz technician in Gemany. But my heart was beating for motorcycles, so further spezialization at MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, USA) lead me to become a full-time custom bike and engine builder.

Additional  studies in international business engineering then molded the way to Porsche Powertrain Development, where I worked in the project management team for V6 and V8 engines. Through my studies I then re-located to Wisconsin, USA where I finished my Diploma in the Aerospace Industry and then got back to the Motorcycle Industry via EBR Motorcycles. At EBR I was responsible for engine component sourcing, supply chain management and engineering support for high end motorcycles and engine development in WSBK (world superbike) racing.


Since 2015, I am representing only selected world class suppliers from around the globe and I can assure the best quality and cutomer care from early development - to prototyping - to small and large scale production. 


The long lasting relationships I built in my career are strong, powerful and reliable; my goal is to grow these relationships with YOU (my suppliers and clients).


Thank you very much for visiting and considering me as a valuable partner and contributor to your success!


Yours, Kai-Peter Berndt 


"Powersports is my passion - One of my custom creations..."

Powersports Consulting, LLC. is not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz AG, MMI/UTI, Porsche AG or EBR Motorcycles or any other companies named above or on this website! 

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