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Founded in 1996, CG Tec has a vast experience in carbon fiber manufacturing and has a great standing in the European market with their composite products from Germany. 

We offer their products here in the USA from table rolled profiles & tubes, to pultrusions, plates and fully machined assemblies. Industries range from construction, to sports articles, military and defense, and many more... 

One of the key product differentiators are our high temp resistant resin systems, where we can realize products that withstand 500F and more!




  • Table rolled tubes

    • e.g. telescopic bar systems made of carbon fiber


  • Pultrusion bars 

    • Carbon fiber or fiberglass

    • also available as rebar material

    • cable materials

  • Plate material

    • various thicknesses and weave patterns

    • full machining capabilities

  • High Temp profiles (>500F)

    • e.g. sound suppressors / silencers

  • Huge selection off-the-shelf products online: 

Gesamtprodukt sw HG 70x30.jpg
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