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Composite Driveshafts by


With our filament winding specialist partner DYNEXA from Germany we offer a full range of composite driveline elements & systems solutions for a variety of industries. Composite drivelines are gaining more and more interest from Automotive OEMs, Professional Race Teams, Marine applications as well as a wide range of industrial applications.

The expertise of our partner's PHD-level engineering in the composite tube manufacturing plus our unique joining technologies allow for the best possible and reliable product. There are a lot of smaller companies that serve the aftermarket with their "special" parts - but when it comes to the lifetime of an OEM vehicle, a naval marine ship or a cooling tower of a power plant  you can't accept compromises and have to work with real professionals. We have proven over decades that our products outperform the competition and deliver & exceed exactly customer requirements.

Here are a few examples: 

  • Automotive OEMs

       (e.g. BMW M3/M4)

  • Heavy Truck

  • Marine

  • Industrial Applications

        (e.g. wind energy)

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XP_ANW_0206_002_GFK-Isolator Windkraftan
XP_ANW_0206_001_GFK-Isolator Windkraftan
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